January 23, 2005

Code Transformation System

Conceptual ink that spores out and grows.

As I dig around Bruce Sterling's world, Viridian Design comes up often. This ink was a winner of their Embrace the Decay Contest. The Viridian Manifesto penned by Bruce explains the organizations intentions

"....The task at hand is therefore basically an act of social engineering. Society must become Green, and it must be a variety of Green that society will eagerly consume. What is required is not a natural Green, or a spiritual Green, or a primitivist Green, or a blood-and-soil romantic Green...

....The best chance for progress is to convince the twenty-first century that the twentieth century's industrial base was crass, gauche, and filthy. This approach will work because it is based in the truth. The twentieth century lived in filth. It was much like the eighteenth century before the advent of germ theory, stricken by septic cankers whose origins were shrouded in superstition and miasma...

...People with networks, websites and sophisticated sensors should not find this task very difficult..."

There is a lot more to it, so I highly encourage everyone to check it out.



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