January 13, 2005

Phillips Interactive Table Video

I found this little video digging around the so called "Great List of Interactive Tables"

In the video a young man in a coffee shop places a coin into a little bowl which triggers a touch screen system embedded into the table. Various relevant text and image blurbs scroll along the screen, and he selects one about a missing cat. Pretty cool stuff. I am very attracted to the idea of our personal computers existing only in digital space. There will be enough public computers with such high speed processing, that our personal computer can easily be read in its entirerity anywhere.

Many of these tables are good examples of "Spimes" They are self aware objects that respond to objects places upon them. Echoing the ideas and objects being traded in the home. However, I think this is may have more use in the workplace. Say, If an office table could remember the paper documents read atop it. These tables have a productive potential that could be accessed with out all the psychologically sketchy tampering with identity they could execute in the home.



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