January 10, 2005

Creative Commons

"Creative Commons" is the future.

"...Creative Commons is a new system, built within current copyright law, that allows you to share your creations with others..."

"...a "some rights reserved" copyright..."

A little comic to help explain

Anyone who is reading their bOINGbOING (like they ought to) should know CC is no small potatoes. They lisence and idea is really catching on, and with "Mash-Ups" going mainstream the ground is hot for major acceptance. Despite a few naysaying fools

Check the CC blog as well. Im gonna add it to my scroll.



At 12:12 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Wired had an article about this a month or two ago. It came with a CD with Le Tigre, The Beastie Boys, and some other stuff I can't remember without it in front of me.


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