January 04, 2005

Timex Whisper

This conceptual "time piece" was a runner up in the Core77/Timex clock competition. Dissapointingly, the focus of the competition was to new kinds of watches and clocks available 150 years into the future. Generally the designers assume a future of massive cheap microchip production and micro engery sources. Those being the main stopping walls to the creation of these devices today. The timespieces feature some brilliant new ideas. Most of them very much along "Transhuman" lines. Clocks which don't just project the time to you, but project your time outward. The "Engeryistime" and the "Orgarhythm" both tap into your body for new kinds of monitering effects. Allowing us to balk our energy consumtion. Perhaps one day these devices will be cheap enough to warrant their production. The competition points out the fact that Bruce Sterling made really clear in his "Spime" speech. Which is that the simple digital watch itself is a revolutionary device. You can buy a chinese made digital watch in any dollar store. Enginering and manufacturing history has made them shockingly high quality and cheap. Little improvement is "needed." So, the whole project reeks of profit potential. Not to discredit conceptual redesign. I think there is really cool stuff here.



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