January 10, 2006

Edible Estates

From The "Gardenlab" who "...seeks to fundamentally shift the current self-reflexive culture of art and design, where formal novelty, hermetic discourse and the latest software dominate. The Gardenlab provides a balance to these forces by provoking thought on the inter-dependant relationships that define our communities and environment..."


"Edible Estates is an attack on the American front lawn and everything it has come to represent. It is an ongoing series of projects to replace the front lawn with edible garden landscapes responsive to local culture, climate and landscape."

Edible Estates proposes the replacement of the American lawn with a highly productive domestic edible landscape. Food grown in our front yards will connect us to the seasons, the organic cycles of the earth and our neighbors. The banal lifeless space of uniform grass in front of the house will be replaced with the chaotic abundance of bio-diversity. In becoming gardeners we will reconsider our connection to the land, what we take from it and what we put in it. Each yard will be a unique expression of its location and of the inhabitant and their desires. Valuable land will be put to work.

A bit much to ask... but a noble goal. I think this says a lot more about time and labor in the suburbs. There are bigger fish to fry.

Via Pruned (my new favorite website, whose post on the subject includes beautiful photos of the theory in practice)


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