December 28, 2005

MIT Blogs and Projects

I could spend hours and hours following MIT link trails. I am generally a pretty big fanboy (ahem....cheerleader...) of The Media Lab and its particpants and projects, as well as The Aesthetics + Computation Group. These groups are, in my opinion, the "NASA" of product design. They get to create the bleeding edge of interaction in the abstract. They develop products and ideas that are unpolished, but set minds spinning about more concrete uses.

The Toy Symphony was a Media Lab project constructing instruments and notation software, essentially without learning curves. The results are historic.

"LittleVision: Storytelling in a Tiny World" was a class from Aesthetics + Computation group, where participants created pocket sized LED displays that loop webcam movies.

I have just only recently discovered their Comparitive Media Studies group, through it I found these two great projects.

The "Branding Cultures" blog


Project New Media Literacy "The New Media Literacies project (NML) is working to integrate new media materials into compelling activities for K-12 students for use in or out of school." Perhaps one of the most important studies for the new century.


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