December 18, 2005

Andreas Gysin: Amazing net artist

I had that feeling of... "how could I have just found you now?" when I stumbled onto Swiss software artist Andreas Gysin's site.

His works are some of the most exciting, innovative, beautiful things I have come across. Sky seems to be his most famous, and it does make for a pretty interesting homepage. Though I can't link to the rest of his works directly, they all vary quie a bit style and subject.

Mostly though I like his links page it includes some classic favorite sites of mine. And introduced a whole lots of new stuff...

Like the Evolved Virtual Creatures video from Made by Karl Sims in 1994

Also Charles Csuri who creating virtual bio models in the 1970s!

I had seen Sodaplay before, but was a afraid to post it until I had a better understaning of it myself. Basiclly, dots and lines and properties of physics are used in order to create moving creatures or designs. There is also a subculture who use the contstructure to make artificially "grown" amoeba which can crawl equally well. Its all really exciting stuff. I orginally found it through Theo Jansen's site(also linked on Gysin's page).

One of those days when you most stand up and scream "WE ARE INVENTING THE FUTURE!"


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