December 25, 2005

Pixar At MoMA

This is a great "podcast"(err.. mp3) interview about the Pixar show at the MoMA in NY...

"...Exhibition co-curator Ronald Magliozzi talks with BusinessWeek contributing editor Andrew Blum about why Pixar belongs on MoMA's walls, and the very special media installation that's causing museum visitors to gasp..."

This interview explains how and why Pixar's work relates to the canon of animation and exactly how conceptual their process is. Whether or not you are a fan of the computer rendered final versions of Pixar work, you have got to see the "flat" conceptual process of the Pixar studio. Their 2d work is incredible! Also at some point in the exhibit a zeotrope is used to make a 19th century style animation of the conceptual work, an neat juxtapostion of animation techiniques.

The orginal artwork from these amazing books is a major component of the show...

The Art of Monsters Inc

The Art Of Finding Nemo

The Art Of The Incredibles

The books do not feature a single still from the actual films, nor does the exhibit


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