April 14, 2005

Grizzly Man

I happen to be lucky enough to catch Werner Herzog's new documentry "Grizzly Man." It is the story of Timothy Treadwell. A failed actor turned eco-warrior. He choose to live with a pack of Grizzly bears on their salmon run in Alaska. For 13 years he did so without a scratch. Eventually he was mauled along with his visiting girlfriend. The movie is funny in akward ways I can't even begin to describe. Treadwell names each of the bears and is so passionate and sensitive will all the creatures, they often don't seem to share these connections. Overall, it is the most compelling movie I have seen in a long time.

“I found that beyond a wildlife film, in his material lay dormant a story of astonishing beauty and depth. I discovered a film of human ecstasies and darkest inner turmoil.  As if there was a desire in him to leave the confinements of his humanness and bond with the bears.  Treadwell reached out seeking a primordial encounter. But in doing so he crossed an invisible borderline.”

-Werner Herzog


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