April 07, 2005

Powerbook's tilt sensor used in game play

Amit Singh has programed the missing link between Apple's Powerbook tilt sensor (who knew!) and games. While he is the first to question motion sensing as a interface...

"...It is admittedly frivolous to attempt to connect everything in the Universe to a motion sensor. Sensibility ought to curb motion sensing after a limit...."

You can't deny how fun this would seem. He primary prototype game was the perfectly suited "Neverball," which is a kind of first person Marble Madness. Here is video of the software and Neverball in action. The software is avaible to download on the above site so anyone out there with a powerbook please check this out. I would love to see the same tech on a PSP which seems ideal for motion sensing gameplay.

via Selectpark(a "games by artists" blog)


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