March 26, 2005

Transstudio's "Transmaterial"

Blaine Brownell has written the guide to new materials.
Throughout human history, material innovation has been defined by the persistent testing of limits. Transmaterial is a catalog of materials, products and processes that are redefining our physical environment..."

The book(pdf) is packed with examples and corrisponding links to all kinds of unbelievable materials...

- Light emitting concrete
- "Skatelight" wood
- Translucent Insulated Glazing Unit
- Pollution-Reducing Cement

...any many many more, with far more boring names any way more practicle and impressive uses.

Blaine is also the auther of "Infratecture: Architecture in the Second Machine Age," which is sort of an essay/philosophical deal. It includes sentences like...

"Like the internet, the new mega-scale building typology which is ubiquitous in the post-industrial age has been fertile territory for the implementation of urban metaphors."


"It goes without saying that the technological instruments of physical and virtual mobility, the automobile and telematics,have driven this transformation, allowing unprecedented levels of freedom and connection,as well as urban fragmentation and atomization."



At 10:58 PM, Anonymous notcot said...

Great pdf book you found there... i can't stop going through it page by page, its such a great round up of recent innovations and projects, its like 187 post worthy pages of where the future is going.

And thanks for linking and reading my newbie site, i'm glad to have found your site from my refferals.


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