April 01, 2005

Vancouver demands Green Wal-Mart

Via Treehugger

"...The City of Vancouver has told Wal-Mart that their store is not environmentally friendly enough for the city, and sent the retailer back to the drawing board. Wal-Mart hired architect Peter Busby to come up with a new plan, in order to satisfy Vancouver's requirements...."

The new design cuts energy consumption by 37 percent. The hope is that if Wal-Mart is curious enough to build this new Wal-Mart, (and it proves to be cheaper) they may be thrifty enough to adopt the model for other stores.

While critiscms of Wal-Mart are often tiring and generally hint of elitism, the short film Bigger Boxes is the most well put attack I have seen. I happen to catch it on Maryland Public Television, and it is pretty convincing. Here is a transcript of the program.


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