December 26, 2004

Brad Pitt's art installation!

This may be my first high quality pure web find. I gotta get this up on Metafilter or something. Is it real!?

"Freedom of Love
During a recent shoot for Vanity Fair, Nick Knight created a number of on-set scenarios for intriguing visual and aural actions for subject Brad Pitt to perform, so as to engage the actor in 'pique' performance. 'Freedom of Love' is a short film which captures Pitt in action during the shoot, energetically painting onto a huge blow up of his own face, and adding caption, and contemplatively reading surrealist poetry. Pitt reads from André Breton's poem 'Freedom of Love', a one stanza, sixty-line homage to his wife. The poem cites a beautiful litany of comparisons for her physical attributes, deftly playing with language that eludes any commonplace romantic imaging, instead presenting uncanny metaphors. Breton was the provocative, passionate leader of the avant-garde literary and artistic movement Surrealism, who believed in 'revolution of the mind', and in the 'marvellous' - dazzling combinations of words or visual images, spontaneously created by automatic processes of the mind."

I found a link to this Gallery on Presstube. I can't believe this!


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