December 23, 2004

I found this link to "Nathan Shedroff's World" hanging out around the "Interaction Design" forums on Core77. There is something really scary about the comprehensiveness of Nathan's site. Nathan is what he calls an "Experience Designer." And by the breadth and success of this guy's career he can call himself whatever he wants. He has written multiple books on the subject and been working the digital design field for years. With some digging around you find out he was the primary force for the creation of Nike's website to say the least.

Nathan is incredibly passionate about Interaction Design and the website is a shrine to it in all forms. There is even a glossary of "Experience design" terms, and many writings on what experience design. Nathan's examples archive has neat links from Sesame Street, to some really out there hypertext works. His personal projects section is the most intimidating. He has some really incredible stuff. I happen to really like his sustainable energy labels, a pretty simple suggested solution to some huge problems.

To touch the site off, Nathan has "Other Nathans..." listing. A HUGE listing of email addresses of other people and institutions named "Nathan."

I could go on forever with this guy. I highly suggest everyone spend some time with him.


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