November 20, 2005

Artist Larry Kagan and art of "Shadowing"

Larry Kagan pratices the art of sculpture "Shadowing" Its is a really entertaining form of optical art.

Most of his work is more far more complex than just the "number 3" but this article explains it best.

Lengths of curving, rusted metal cover a low worktable. A tangled twist of steel mounted on the wall reaches out in branches, its shadow forming a solid and unmistakable number “3.”

"There is nothing resembling a “3” in the object casting the shadow, nor anywhere else in Larry Kagan's downtown Troy studio. “There's no reason the thing that casts the shadow has to look like the shadow,” the artist says, sensibly.

Yet at first glance, it's hard to believe his work isn't an illusion, a deception, some kind of fraud."


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