June 08, 2005

Subway Systems Of The World, Presented On The Same Scale

Recalls the image of a squashed bugs on glass.
From internet artists Fake Is the New Real.


At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Simon said...

So, let's throw in approximate populations, just for greater context:

London: 7.4 million
New York: 19.2 million
Paris: 9.5 million
Moscow: 8.8 million
Chicago: 10.6 million
Berlin: 3.5 million
DC: 500,000
San Francisco: 750,000
Singapore: 4 million
Los Angeles: 9.9 million
Montreal: 3.3 million
Vienna: 1.7 million
Atlanta: 4.1 million
Toronto: 2.5 million
Vancouver: 2 million
Brussles: 1.1 million
Boston: 5.8 million

Some of these numbers might not be very right.


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