May 29, 2005

Thoughtless Acts

Despite the rule of not reposting Boingboing. I have to add this amazing book/site. "Thoughtless Acts" a book published by IDEO which explores our creative and instinctual interactions with objects. The book features photographs of pencils used hair ties, and bags overtop parking meters. The introduction says it best...

"Some actions, such as grabbing onto something for balance, are universal and instinctive. Others, such as warming hands on a hot mug or stroking velvet, draw on experiences so deeply embodied that they are almost unconscious. Sill more, such as hanging a jacket to claim a chair, have become spontaneous through habit or social learning. Observing such everyday interactions reveals subtle details about how we relate to the designed and natural world. This is key information and inspiration for design, and a good starting point for any creative initiative."

To me, the recognition of this phenomenon perhaps may share either meaninglessness of design, as our instincts subvert even the most carefully rendered objects, or proof of the even more carefully designed nature to come. In science fiction extremes the book indulges a fascination with a urban nature where our spaces and objects are completely fall in accordance with our instincts. Is this the current situation to some degree? How will our creativity survive in such a coddling environment?

The best part about the site however may be the growing collection of contributed Thoughtless Acts. I strongly suggest you check it


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