March 20, 2005

USB Anemona

USB seems to get all the interesting peripheral action.

"ANEMONA is an array of simple little tentacles that can be plugged together in a chain to form the geometrical shape of a complex space-filling curve. Attached to the USB port found on most computers today, these rubber tentacles begin to move by means of electrically actuated "muscles" made of a special metal alloy."

Because USB can share both electricity and information with the host computer it allows for all kinds of cool functional parasites too.

Comact Impact
carries both a massage ball, and two kinds of air purifiers. There are also multiple coffee warmers on the market. One of the best uses of USB I have seen though is the "Mbox", which allows for mulitracks of instruments to be recorded into a computer without any extra plugs or converstions. This device means any laptop can be a whole recording studio.


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