April 21, 2005

Spider Camp

Spider camp

lecture: advanced webweaving
activity: lying in wait

lecture: water spout safety & general rain avoidance
activity: egg sac embroidery

lecture: integrating english words into your web. pig assistance provided
activity: 12-legged race

lecture: scuttling
activity: biting

lecture: consumption and efficient digestion of mate
activity: post-coital lunching

lecture: teach your million tiny babies to parasail
activity: quiet peaceful dying in a corner


Iwant to take a post to focus on Jessica Pierce. A writer of considerabletalent, who has quite an internet following due to her "Junkpile" days on Everything2. She reemerged on e2 as jessicapierceand continued the tradition. She changed the way I read hypertext. Mostof all she writes about children in a way that is both totally realistic and carefully sentimentalized. She is also an award winning stuffed animator, and I really want to make her Oreo Sludge Bars.


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