May 11, 2006

Plusminus: Revolutionary electronics designs

"Plusminus" seems to made entirely of one man, Dima Komissarov and the few examples of his work on the site are pretty exciting.
the Flashbag is a usb drive which inflates depending on how much content
is on hand.

The Flashbag was a bunch of blogs a few weeks back and was I how I can to Plusminus... but
most all I was blown away by the "Remobeads"a TV remote which you rotate in your hand like meditation or rosary beads...

"Nowadays TV-set is not longer accepted as a mere reciever - it had transformed into a cult object, the thing we can watch and interact with for hours, the source of our knowledge and inspiration. If you accept this statement with humor, as a matter of fact - go after our new design of TV remote - remote control combined with beads (remobeads). Now you can shift between channels effortless - just slightly pressing the beads. The beads are glowing, so you can easily see them in the darkness. As an option you can add a sound - enjoy listening to your favourite mantras while switching the channels. "


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