March 11, 2006

The Unseen Video

A weather controlled, dynamic music video for Mike Milosh's - You Make Me Feel."

"The Unseen Video is much more than a normal, static music video. It is a video that is affected by the weather and local time from the position of the viewer.

We want to create new synergies between the music, the video and the surroundings of the viewer. Every little change in your environment ensures that you will never see the same video twice. The look of the video might slightly change within an hour, but will have a whole new character in a few months."

via infosthethics


At 3:00 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

this is really strange. the first time i clicked the play button it brought me to a japanese car dealership in northampton. but it is raining outside so this was pretty soothing in an elevator/department store/middle aged woman way.


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