December 11, 2004


I am fascinated by Lovemarks. My instinct is that encouraging consumers and corporations to use our feelings of love and fantasy is by default, evil. Defining ourselves in terms of the objects we buy, and the brands we choose to love, seems to be the cause of the mysterious depression and dissatisfaction that is such a prevalent part of our lives. But what is identity anyway? Who am I anyway? I am my favorite movies. Indian food. Punk rock. Go and read some of the voluntary comments. Could you be caught making a declaration of love to a product? In a world of such gross overproduction, material identification of ourselves is a logical path of life. If we can accept this, than we can control it to our advantage. Our collective consumer love, where we give, and where we don't, can be far more influential than simple purchasing power. Lovemarks may be the fact... Not an advertising option. Whether your lovemark is the Dali Lama or Tom Cruise, the structure of identity stands. It seems in global sense people often choose either "Lovemarks," or cultural fundamentalism. I like the "Cluetrain option." Even more than I like Cluetrain, I like Hughtrain Either way this man may perhaps be the devil.
Your Lovemark,


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